'Rose of Sharon'

'Rose of Sharon'
The often unruly 'Rose of Sharon' can benefit from pruning

September Peacock Orchids

September Peacock Orchids
Need division

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Greenhouse (and Contents) Survived!

Zone 7B is alot more fortunate than the many areas of the country that have experienced extreme cold, but temps down to 9 degrees overnight required lots of monitoring in our newly renovated, ancient greenhouse.

Things seem to have weathered well, only a little stress in one corner. We have roughly 150 brugs, 50 each blueberry bush, forsythia shrub (with blooms), 10 paperwhites, 20 Pink Pearl Hyacinths (in conjunuction with breast cancer research) and 50 primroses, this does not include my started seeds.

Our Farmer's market list currently includes:
  • White, Yellow and Creamscicle Brugmansia
  • Leland Cypress
  • Yellow Forsythia
  • Blooming Crocus

By March we anticipate:

  • Evening Primrose
  • 4 O'clocks
  • Asiatic Lillies
  • Blooming Paperwhites

We hope to have a good variety of blooms by Easter. If you have a particular interest in a specific plants or flower, let us know. We're Planting!

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