'Rose of Sharon'

'Rose of Sharon'
The often unruly 'Rose of Sharon' can benefit from pruning

September Peacock Orchids

September Peacock Orchids
Need division

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Almost summer break for me!

We are coming up on the last week of the semester and I am sooooo looking forward to some time out of school. I enjoy my classes and this has been a great semester, but I just need a break! I have one great project to complete for my final in greenhouse production, planting a square foot garden. I am excited about that and am re-reading the book this weekend.

After hearing so much about this method of gardening, I wonder why anyone would continue with the traditional row garden, which seems overly complicated and time consuming compared to the square foot method.

My first project at home is the removal and ultimate death of the invasive Hedera helix which has taken over. That effort has begun, thanks to Zack, my stepson. He cleared out 3 sections of the bed and removed roots as much as possible.

Upon my instruction, and after a strange look at me, he squirted remaining roots with vinegar. This is our plan of action against the dreaded ivy, in combination with info I got from this great article.

I will keep you posted on this project and try to include some photos. If anyone has experienced this problem with the invasive vine, please share your methods of removal!

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