'Rose of Sharon'

'Rose of Sharon'
The often unruly 'Rose of Sharon' can benefit from pruning

September Peacock Orchids

September Peacock Orchids
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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Raised Bed Gardening

As I mentioned in an earlier post, my final project for Greenhouse Production was the planting of a raised bed on campus. Our team did a great job, and thanks to everyone else who helped out!

Hayden assembled the container, which was then located across from the greenhouse on thin strips of wood for elevation. We lined the bottom with landscape fabric and proceeded to fill with a composted soil mixture designed for raised beds. Perlite was added to encourage drainage. Our 16 square foot bed used approximately 1/2 a yard (1 scoop) of the mixture.

With the exception of three squares, each was planted with vegetables and herbs from seeds started in the greenhouse. Four squares at the back include tomatoes, cucumber and zuchinni. We expect to add a trellis to support them.(photo to left Debbie checks moisture in soil)

A few marigolds and nasturtiums were included for insect control. Three of our squares were planted from seed, 16 carrots, 3 squash and 5 black beans. While we did not follow the Square Foot Gardening guidelines to the letter, we hope for success with this method!(above photo Andrew inspects our work!)

Check back for updates on our raised bed garden!

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